PA Wants A Manager

10 Sep

I wonder if this tv show format would work as corporates answer to, oooooh let’s say, Farmer Wants A Wife. Come to think of it, my current manager and my father would probably rather see me as a contestant on the Dutch version of the latter in the hopes of keeping me in Holland. And in my father’s opinion, there’s hardly a better match than a down to earth, hardworking (his words), strong and handsome (my words) farmer.

But back to PA Wants A Manager. Why not do a different take on The Apprentice? After all, every manager has his/her quirks – it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to put them to the test. Instead of a £ 100,000 contract for a top job, the winner gets support of a experienced PA. A valuable asset to any organisation, I’d say! It would certainly make finding a job in London easier for me.

Pity I’m not too fond of seeing myself on television, so please leave your application in the comments section of this blog…


One Response to “PA Wants A Manager”

  1. Jan-Maarten Rovers 10/09/2010 at 10:45 pm #

    If there would be a contest like that you would definitely win. So if I were you I should consider entering it. But I am more then sure your talents and skills will be recognized. If someone would like a reference you can contact me at

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