London’s Free Newspapers

11 Feb

Your average tube journey in London starts with someone stuffing a free newspaper in your hands – Metro in the mornings and London Evening Standard on your way back at the end of the day. Even when you manage to avoid the ‘newspaper boys’, the trains are littered with left newspapers. Although I’m not a particular fan of either Metro or Evening Standard, I just can’t resist scanning the headlines over the shoulder of the person next to me.

You’d think: why not get your own copy and read the paper on your tube journey? – It’s any easy way of keeping up with current affairs. Well… That’s what you generally expect from a newspaper, but this is not the case with London’s free newspapers. No, instead expect extensive reports on murders – be it gang-related violence, honour killings or loonies bashing someone’s head in ‘just because they felt like hurting someone’ – Boris (Johnson, London’s mayor) promoting his Boris Bikes and everything on the rivalry between Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham United in their bid for the Olympic Stadium. All this dotted with pictures of B-list celebs on their way to a restaurant or opening night.

And so I remain blissfully unaware of the problems in Egypt, failed negotiations between North and South Korea and cholera deaths in Haiti. Is it all that bad? No, I secretly smile when I read that Cheryl Cole orders her own wheelie bin from the local council…


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