The Beginners Guide To Finding The Perfect Houseshare

25 Feb

With the job hunt out of the way, time has come to start my next hunt: the perfect houseshare. It’s already been something of a shock leaving my beautiful apartment in Holland behind and finding myself paying over £ 500.00 for just a bedroom – sharing kitchen, bathroom and living room with three others. I’ve been lucky the first time around, but as my stay in Queen’s Park is only temporary, it’s back to scouring the web again.

Reading ads feels like learning an entirely new vocabulary. Don’t be fooled by descriptions like cosy – that probably means that there’s hardly room to turn around, let alone swing a cat. Generous spirited… Hmm, what could that mean? Probably something along the lines of: please don’t mind that we eat your food without asking. Secure development? You might not want to go out on your own at night.

Finally having navigated through the maze of dodgy houses and London areas, you find yourself in a position that’s not unlike job hunting. There are emails to write in the hopes of being invited for a viewing with a dozen other hopefuls – aka the interview. And just as in application letters you highlight positive aspects of your skills and personality.

“Yes, I’m tidy and always clean up after myself.”
“No, I won’t hide in my room whenever I’m in the house.”

It’s almost a full-time job, running around London getting to interviews and viewings on time – remembering to smile nicely and show interest along the way. But with my new job starting on Monday and hopefully a new place to call home by next weekend, life can go back to normal at last.

Fingers crossed!


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