Carbs And The Appeal Of Foreign Supermarkets

13 Mar

What is it that makes foreign supermarkets so appealing? After 2.5 months in London, I still feel urged to try everything on offer. Well, everything containing carbs, sugar and empty calories, that is. We all know that feeling, right?! Stepping into a foreign supermarket and getting all excited about the aisles and aisles of ‘new’ food to explore? 

So far, I’ve already managed to wean myself off Crunchies. And weaning off is definitely the appropriate phrase, because when it comes to sweets, I really do have a somewhat addictive personality. But there’s more still – Crumpets. Pies. Baked beans and sausages (with a buttery baked potato obviously). Cakes. Biscuits (Who can resist a biscuit when it’s called a HobNob?). Jelly beans. Food that Size 0 West End girls stay away from – or rather run, in their lunch breaks. I can almost hear my personal trainer in the back of my head: “You want to avoid hitting a plateau, keep the weight loss going. With my help, you can get leaner and more toned.” Hmm, yes, but can I get a side of chips with my main course in the meantime?

Supermarkets aside, my office is another minefield with a designated biscuit cupboard and people bringing in bags of sweets every day. Hello, sugar-induced headache! With Easter ahead of us, maybe I should try giving it all up for Lent…


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