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The Beginners Guide To Finding The Perfect Houseshare

25 Feb

With the job hunt out of the way, time has come to start my next hunt: the perfect houseshare. It’s already been something of a shock leaving my beautiful apartment in Holland behind and finding myself paying over £ 500.00 for just a bedroom – sharing kitchen, bathroom and living room with three others. I’ve been lucky the first time around, but as my stay in Queen’s Park is only temporary, it’s back to scouring the web again. Continue reading


PA Wants A Manager

10 Sep

I wonder if this tv show format would work as corporates answer to, oooooh let’s say, Farmer Wants A Wife. Come to think of it, my current manager and my father would probably rather see me as a contestant on the Dutch version of the latter in the hopes of keeping me in Holland. And in my father’s opinion, there’s hardly a better match than a down to earth, hardworking (his words), strong and handsome (my words) farmer. Continue reading